Henri Dutilleux – Sonatina for flute

The French composer Henri Dutilleux, born in 1916, died today; he was one of the most performed composers of contemporary music, perhaps because his music was relatively accessible, following in the line of composers like Debussy or Ravel. French classical music thus loses one of its most imposing figures of the second half of the […]

Georges Bizet – Carmen – Interlude

I offer you today a very beautiful interlude from the opera Carmen by Bizet, of which we had already made you (re) discover the opening. Very soft, beginning with the flute and the harp, it is played between the second and the third act, which opens with the lair of the smugglers that Don José […]

Frank Martin – Messe pour double coeur – Agnus Dei

Change of tone today with a melody that will surely speak to you on this very sad rainy day! This is an opportunity to introduce you to Franck Martin, a great name of the 20th century, a genius converted to music when listening to the deep Passion according to Bach’s St Mathieu at the age […]

Edouard Lalo – Symphonie Espagnole

Although few Spanish composers have managed to make a name for themselves in classical music, the fact remains that Spanish folklore has always been a great source of inspiration for all eras. In the Baroque era, we of course think of the Chaconne, which was originally a popular Hispanic dance and which has repeatedly served […]

Léo Delibes – Lakmé – Under the starry sky

You all know the very famous Flower Duo, taken from the opera Lakmé by French composer Léo Delibes. We invite you this evening to listen to another tune from Lakmé, less known but no less beautiful! It is the singer Natalie Dessay who interprets here the aria “Under the starry sky”, which most of us […]

Kurt Weill – The Threepenny Opera – Mackie’s Complaint

Le morceau d’aujourd’hui peut vous surprendre : à l’écoute, ce n’est a priori pas une pièce qu’on pourrait qualifier de « classique », le style est plutôt grossier et de surcroît, ce morceau n’est tiré ni d’un opéra, ni d’une comédie musicale comme en écrirait Leonard Bernstein. Mais c’est un morceau qui mérite qu’on y accorde de l’attention, notamment […]

Albert Lavignac – Galop Marche, or the piano with eight hands!

Friday is offside! Well, almost, since today the piece is relatively serious, technical… but it’s just its execution that is in itself a huge joke. We have already told you about pieces for piano 4 hands, where two people sit side by side on the same keyboard to perform the work (examples: Ma Mère l’Oye […]

Zbigniew Preisner – Requiem for my friend – Lacrimosa

Attention, the piece of the day may make you cry, as it is beautiful. At the same time, that is the goal since it is a Lacrimosa. Preisner, a 57-year-old Polish composer, wrote his Requiem for a Friend in 1998, the “friend” in question being the director Krysztof Kiéslowski, who died two years earlier. The […]

Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion

We really missed Piazzolla’s tangos! After the magnificent pieces of the History of Tango, we find this evening a no less splendid piece with much more marked melancholy outpourings than in “Café 1930”. “Oblivion”, such is its name, is therefore a tango of which only Piazzolla, an Argentinian native, has the secret. The main melodic […]

Anthony Hopkins – And The Waltz Goes On

In addition to being a great comedian, Anthony Hopkins has lesser known talents as a painter and… a composer! He released an album which he describes as classical music in January 2012. Today we offer you an extract from the album, composed for the violinist André Rieu, who needs no introduction, and who here performs […]