Friday is offside! Well, almost, since today the piece is relatively serious, technical… but it’s just its execution that is in itself a huge joke. We have already told you about pieces for piano 4 hands, where two people sit side by side on the same keyboard to perform the work (examples: Ma Mère l’Oye by Ravel, or initially the “Italian Polka” of Rachmaninoff). There you take the double, always on the same keyboard, you imagine the scene!

Do not be persuaded, seeing this, that this is the work of a dark iconoclast or of a Franz Liszt who did not know what to do with his rainy Monday evening. No, its author is called Albert Lavignac, renowned musicologist, author of an Encyclopedia of Music and above all teacher of music theory and harmony of a certain Claude Debussy… Those accustomed to the latter’s style will surely recognize the touch of master in this piece.

Nevertheless, the execution of this Galop-Marche often gives rise to comical situations. In addition to the promiscuity between the pianists, the tender and furtive glances during the solo passages or the hustle and bustle when turning the pages often arouse the hilarity of the public. This does not mean that the attention of the musicians is put on the back burner: a lot of coordination is required for the Galop to be at least presentable!