We really missed Piazzolla’s tangos! After the magnificent pieces of the History of Tango, we find this evening a no less splendid piece with much more marked melancholy outpourings than in “Café 1930”. “Oblivion”, such is its name, is therefore a tango of which only Piazzolla, an Argentinian native, has the secret. The main melodic line, here played on the violin by the German-Japanese Arabella Steinbacher, accentuates the spleen underlying this work which musically deals with the painful feeling of oblivion – “oblivion” being the poetic term in English designating this painful reality. . No doubt Piazzolla feared that the rich musical tradition of Argentina, through the economic crises and political vicissitudes that shook the subcontinent during the 20th century, would wither and fade one day. It’s a safe bet that, thanks to him, this moment is not about to arrive!