Boccherini is considered by all to be the best cellist of his time. The Italian artist and composer first trained in Italy (where he was, for example, very touched by Allegri’s famous Miserere), before enjoying tremendous success with the French and then Spanish aristocracy. In 1770, he became the court cellist of the King of Spain (Charles III), after being spotted by the infant Don Luis, brother of the king.

It was the following year that Boccherini wrote this minuet, which was not successful at the time. It was not until the 1860s that it was appreciated at its fair value!

Boccherini was recognized by his contemporaries as a very great artist and composer, and many tried to prevent him from accessing the Spanish court, out of jealousy for the Italian. Don Luis’ marriage led to his departure from the court of Madrid, but he later managed to become the composer of the Crown Prince of Prussia, Frederick William II!

As this quote from J-B Cartier (French court composer) shows, Boccherini was recognized and admired by his contemporaries: “If God wanted to speak to men through music, he would do so with the works of Haydn; yet if he wanted to listen to music himself, he would go for Boccherini. »