Julius Fucik – Entry of the Gladiators

A little joy and good humor to start this week off right! Often heard under circus tents, you should know that this piece was originally a military march. Moreover, the piece itself follows a strict structure. There are very clearly three parts, and a chromatic ascent throughout the piece which leads to a slower but […]

Jules Massenet – The Meditation of Thaïs

Par Camille Steiblen – Audituri Te Salutant! La Méditation de Thaïs, played here in concert, is the name given a posteriori to a violin solo from Act II of the opera Thais, composed by Jules Massenet. It was premiered at the Paris Opera on March 16, 1894. The work was written for the famous American […]

Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D major on a stubborn bass

Warning: monument of classical music! Here is one of the most popular works in the history of music, still listened to all over the world more than 330 years after its composition (in 1677): the Canon of Pachelbel. Pachelbel (1653-1706) is one of the great names of the German Baroque period. He wrote this work […]

Jean Cras – Quintet for harp, flute and string trio – Allegro

Jean Cras is a French composer (1879-1932) who knew how to reconcile a double existence, since he was above all a naval officer. He began to compose at the age of 13, entered the Naval Academy at 17, and came out to spend most of his time at sea, taking advantage of leisure time to […]

Enrique Granados – La Maja y el Ruiseñor

We invite you this evening to discover music with Hispanic accents, in fact, it was written by the Spanish composer Enrique Granados (1867-1916). La Maja y el Ruiseñor (the young girl and the nightingale) is interpreted here by Natalie Dessay… I really like the short passage which begins at around four minutes; if you are […]

Meetings – Mady Mesplé

Mady Mesplé is a famous French soprano, who has distinguished herself in several great operatic roles throughout her career. She has just published La Voix du corps, a book in which she looks back on her career, as well as on the Parkinson’s disease from which she has suffered for several years. Mady Mesplé had […]

Léo Delibes – Lakmé – Air of the bells

The piece of the day is a well-known air, as well as very difficult to sing, taken from the opera Lakmé by Léo Delibes: it is the air of the bells. The difficulty lies in particular in the three “counter-Es” imposed by the composer, very high notes that are difficult to reach. We offer you […]

Emile Waldteufel – Waltz of the skaters

Emile Waldteufel (1837-1915) is a French Romantic composer little known to the general public. At the conservatory, he was a classmate of Jules Massenet and Georges Bizet. He is known for his dance music (he was director of the dance music of the imperial court of Napoleon III), the two most famous of which are […]

Raoul Koczalski – Fantastic Waltz

Raoul Koczalski (1884-1948) is a little-known Polish composer. A child prodigy, he worked with Karol Mikuli, Frédéric Chopin’s favorite assistant, of whom Koczalski became a great specialist. Besides his career as a pianist, he also composed a lot. Here is a very beautiful “fantastic waltz”, in which we perceive the influence of Chopin… It is […]

Alfred Schnittke – Musica Nostalgica

We met Alfred Schnittke last month, during a beautiful snowy evening… and thus became acquainted with a very moving composer, who knew how to capture the imagination of his audience thanks to his very fine art of melody. Did the pretty waltz of this unknown film leave you daydreaming, pensive, perplexed? So here’s something to […]